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Wedding, Stag & Hen

Make the special day even more special with our Wedding range and have your guests become part of the memories.
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Card Design

Shot Glass Top Trumps

The pack of choice for people intending on taking the stag down one shot at a time. There’s a hunting/log cabin design that’s ideal if your stag party activities are out in the sticks, but really, for these to fit your Stag Do plans, the only shots you need, come in tiny glasses.

Whiskey Top Trumps

This gentlemen’s pack is a little more refined than our other Stag Do decks. If you’re looking for a stag do activity to introduce people and break the ice, our whiskey deck is certain to come served on the rocks.

Beer Top Trumps

This is the perfect personalised deck for any Stag Do that’ll be centred on beer. And let’s face it, that’s pretty much all of them.  If you're looking for unusual stag do ideas, then look no further than our Beer Stag Do design. 

Wedding Sketch Top Trumps

The hand-drawn style of this deck makes it the ideal personalised wedding party gift, in addition to the bunting, barns, barbeques and everything else that make a British summertime wedding the perfect celebration. It can also be created as a brilliant personalised wedding gift for guests on the day.

Wedding Cake Top Trumps

Take the stress out of introducing guests by getting them laughing, joking and getting to know each other, or go one step further and make it into a customised wedding gift for the lucky couple or the whole list of guests to enjoy. These packs really are the icing on the cake. 

Wedding Ring Top Trumps

Our diamond ring inspired deck offers a fun way to break the ice for guests from different corners of your lives. Perfect as a personalised wedding gift for bride and groom, or as a unique memento for your guests to take home. 

Hen School Top Trumps

The nostalgic black board and chalk design from our classroom theme is set to bring back some childhood memories, except that this time the punishment won’t be writing lines, it will be taking shots! The ultimate hen activity for those struggling to find low key hen party ideas. 

Hen Party Top Trumps 

Hen Parties are generally known as the classy, feminine counterpart of the stag do… WRONG! The girls can get up to just as much mischief. With flutes of fizz and martini glasses incorporated onto the design, our cocktail deck is the perfect personalised hen party gift to keep for years to come. 



Each deck contains 30 cards, purchase multiple decks & save!

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  • £10.49
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And they lived happily ever after

So many couples these days are searching for new ways to make their big day as unique, original and personal as possible without sacrificing the essential traditions. The more decks you purchase, the more you save, so whether you’re looking for a few packs to leave out during the reception, or a deck per table during wedding breakfast, make your special day even more special with our stunning wedding range.

Something old, something blue,

Something borrowed… something new? Make the day even more special with MyTopTrumps. Bring both sides of friends and family together in one deck, designed to be as beautiful as the Bride and Groom.

How much does a Polar Bear weigh?

Must we answer that age-old classic? What better way to break the ice than having unacquainted guests play their very own game of TopTrumps? MyTopTrumps offer a fully personalisable deck of cards which will allow your friends and family become part of the big day with you, then take them home as cherished memento.

Simple process

  • 1. Choose your deck
    Select a quantity then start your journey
  • 2. Personalise it
    Create your own description and stats for your friends and family
  • 3. Add images
    Upload and drag/drop the images onto the cards
  • 4. Finalise and order
    Preview your pack and if you're happy continue to the basket

Start now, finish later

Time is precious, we get that. That’s why at MyTopTrumps you can start working on your deck, save your progress and come back at any time. Put it on ice!

Bank your buddies for next time

Keep them on lockdown! Need to order a second pack with a different theme? You can save all your data in our vault and apply to a new pack or theme in seconds with just one click.

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Time is precious, we get that.

Bank your buddies
for next time.

Keep them on lockdown! Need to order a second pack with a different theme? You can save all your data in our vault and apply to a new pack or theme in seconds with just one click.

Click here to find out more