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Whether you’re into the kicky ball, a Sunday scrum or swinging a Tennis racket, we have the design for you. Let’s do this!
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Card design


Either ‘club’ together as a team to surprise the birthday boy/girl or focus on your mate’s strengths and weaknesses, ‘putting’ them in their place… okay enough with the golf puns. Tee off (Sorry) with one of our golf themed MyTopTumps decks.


If you ‘Love-love’ Tennis, then this is the deck for you. Play MyTopTrumps either as a singles or doubles match featuring your league players’ best and worst double faults, or create a deck made up of your players’ all-time aces!

Petrol Head

Drivers & Riders Ready! The Petrol Head deck is that fine-tuned must have for that race crazed person in life. Whether you’re a speed freak on two wheels or four; race for fun or for life, the Petrol Head deck is the fuel for the racing rivalries that drive you. Create your very own personalised deck of Top Trumps with your amateur racing team, race track rivals, work colleagues, friends and family.


Have a ‘Try’ at our Rugby MyTopTrumps deck for the rugger crazed person in your life. 30 cards in the deck, 6 nations of players… better get started, right? Create a custom deck made up of your fellow team mates for a night out or grab a pack for some pre-match entertainment in the stands. This personalisable deck is ideal too, for those vital team-building post-match sessions.


Play in a Sunday league? Or a Monday 5 a side team? The MyTopTrumps Football deck would be a perfect addition to a post-game warm down or beers with the team over the weekend. Use your team mate’s strengths and weaknesses to either compliment their skills or make fun of their ability. No penalties for foul play here, let’s make it kick-off!


Break your MyTopTrumps duck with our Cricket themed deck designs. Either create the birthday boy/girls dream team or bowl your team captain a googly with a fun personalised deck incorporating your fellow team mates. Start your innings now!

Winter Adventures

Consider yourself a seasoned pro on the slopes? Perhaps Après Ski is more your thing? Maybe something a little more off piste? Choose to include the total number of hours spent in the hot tub or rate them on their karaoke skills… you can fully customise your MyTopTrumps cards to suit your preferences, resulting in a game even more competitive than the winter sports themselves!

On the Slopes

Live life on the ‘edge’ with the MyTopTrumps On the Slopes deck. Ride a safe blue run to simply add stats and statistics that match your fellow boarders experience or go off-piste and add their total hours in the hot tub or how many Après time drinks have been consumed. Let’s freestyle ride baby!



Each deck contains 30 cards, purchase multiple decks & save!

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We’re on the ball!

FC Bantalona, Who at all Depay, Gangsters Allardyce, ‘Unreal’ Madrid? … all worthy teams for a custom MyTopTrumps deck. Sunday league, week day 5 a side, or just a group of mates that like a kick-about – play the game then become the game!.

Chill out!

Literally, with our winter sport themed decks. After an awesome day on the powder, get around the chalet fire and wind down with the perfectly suited deck of TopTrumps ready for the next day of shredding the piste or the park.

Winning isn’t everything

It’s the taking part that counts, right? Whatever shape the ball, sport is a globally understood language. That’s why at MyTopTrumps we want to bring athletes together, whether a seasoned pro or a casual weekend dabbler.

Simple process

  • 1. Choose your deck
    Select a quantity then start your journey
  • 2. Personalise it
    Create your own description and stats for your friends and family
  • 3. Add images
    Upload and drag/drop the images onto the cards
  • 4. Finalise and order
    Preview your pack and if you're happy continue to the basket

Start now, finish later

Time is precious, we get that. That’s why at MyTopTrumps you can start working on your deck, save your progress and come back at any time. Put it on ice!

Bank your buddies for next time

Keep them on lockdown! Need to order a second pack with a different theme? You can save all your data in our vault and apply to a new pack or theme in seconds with just one click.

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Time is precious, we get that.

Bank your buddies
for next time.

Keep them on lockdown! Need to order a second pack with a different theme? You can save all your data in our vault and apply to a new pack or theme in seconds with just one click.

Click here to find out more