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It’s time to do it for Insta with My Top Trumps and the Selfie Factory!

Get your best selfie poses ready to show off at the Selfie Factory and get that all important insta-perfect shot! My Top Trumps are proud to announce that we are teaming up as the new sponsors of the Selfie Factory, popping up in London Shoreditch 9th-20th November, from just £15 a ticket. Psst, every purchased ticket will receive 10% off their first My Top Trumps deck on the day, awesome? We know.

Go wild for a while

The tickets will be valid for a total of 60 minutes for you to get the cute selfie pose that will blow up your social media profiles. However, if you're the ultimate selfie pro, there are unlimited day tickets available at just £20, if you need some time to give your pout a rest, take some time out to have a wonder on the streets of Shoreditch and a coffee or even an outfit change and come back and snap away up until 8pm on weekdays and 9:10pm on weekends!

Mentally on the beach

We're bringing the beach to the Selfie Factory in November! We are so excited to be having two of our very own rooms for you to be able to get the perfect pose. We can't wait to introduce our awesome astronaut in our beach room, yes you did read that correctly, an astronaut, it'll be the real selfie in paradise. Perhaps being in the beach room will make you reminisce of some wonderful pictures you've taken on previous holidays, perfect to make a deck of your very own My Top Trumps of the places you've been.

There's snow room like this one...

Our second room will make you want to wrap in a fluffy coat and have a cup of hot cocoa, especially when you're standing next to our good friend, the yeti. It'll be like you're in the alps only with a companion that just happens to be a (maybe) mythical creature. Perfect for the winter months or even your annual Christmas card. Talking of winter, perhaps you've had some memorable winters over the years, ski trips, awesome Christmas' or even a special trip away over the winter months, keep the memories forever in a My Top Trumps, Winter Adventures deck.

Solo or in a group, you were born to shine

Not everyone will be with a group of friends, solo selfie lovers will be snapping away, you might be thinking how would I take the pics? One word, selfie stick, bring your selfie stick along and snap away, we know they'll look awesome! Trust us on this one, it will make your Instagram look the bomb.

However, if you are in a group, you'll have your very own photographer, friends are the best at this as they should know all your best angles, you'll be working it like Kate Moss.

Fancy bringing along your entourage? Hell yeah! Bring all the equipment you need from your very own selfie lights to state of the art cameras, we want you to get the perfect snaps.

We can't wait to see everyone taking the perfect selfies, make sure to come and say hey to our My Top Trumps Team, they might even take some photos for you… if you ask nicely :) .

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