How it works

Choose your deck

Browse through our themes and decide which is the perfect design for you! Use our quick flick feature on each theme, to scroll through the designs in no time. You can flip from the front to the back of each card too!

Choose a quantity

Sometimes one isn’t enough – as a birthday present or stocking filler maybe, but imagine breaking the ice for your wedding guests with a fully personalised deck on each table!

Start from scratch or load saved data

Coming back for more? You can bank your buddies for next time! Instantly load in a previous deck in a few clicks and add them to a different theme. First timer? No sweat, start from scratch and let our simple design process guide you through. 

Create your categories

The beauty of MyTopTrumps, is that this is customised to you! Keep it simple with age, height etc.. or go freestyle with banter level, time in the shower or hangover status!

Get customising!

This is the fun part. Start adding names, nicknames, descriptions and images for all of your friends, guests or colleagues! You can swap between designs whilst in this feature and take note of your progress percentage bar at the top! 

Start now, finish later

Time is precious, we get that. That’s why at MyTopTrumps you can start working on your deck, save your progress and come back at any time.

Bank your buddies for next time

Keep them on lockdown! Need to order a second pack with a different theme? As mentioned earlier, you can save all your data in our vault before checkout, and apply to a new pack or theme in seconds next time, with just one click.

Forgotten something?

When you’re designing a fresh deck of 30 cards, including nicknames, descriptions, photos and stats – it can sometimes be easy to miss something. That’s why we have introduced a pop up before you check out, allowing you to see any missing sections along the way. You can still check out, if you like – but we’re got your back, just to make sure. 

Preview and order

You’re all set! Use our quick flick preview feature to have a final check over your handy work, then add to basket! Remember, the more decks you order, the more you save. Happy days!


All content uploaded into your cards must belong to you. No copyrighted or branded material may be used, and we reserve the right to cancel or amend orders containing inappropriate or offensive content. Top Trumps are a kids' product in the end, so please stay away from profanity and other offensive or abusive language. Make it cheeky though by all means! If you’re not sure, or simply need more information, get in touch! 

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