Christmas Santa

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Product description

Is it a Christmas tradition in your family to play games and get overly competitive? Normally ending up in a full-blown row about who the real winner is… Well, My Top Trumps is here for you this Christmas, with a Christmas Santa personalised deck to find out who really is Top Trump this festive season! Have fun personalising your cards by adding in your favourite photos of your loved ones, filling in unique stats for each of them. So, whether you want to include the not-so-secret number of mistletoe kisses they’ve had or rate them on their all-important wrapping skills – Brace yourself and get ready for a Santa Claus head-to-head to find out who is your Top Trump this Christmas!

Our packs are made up of 30 cards. If your group is smaller, why not include alter-egos, special figures from your past, or just double up?