Make Your Own Top Trumps

Top Trumps has graduated from the playground, and now we’re even more fun with brand new personalisable decks that put you in the game. From Stag Dos to the Wedding, from Sports Teams to Sales Teams, it’s just more entertaining with your own Top Trumps Deck.

As the perfect injection of fun, customised Top Trumps can be enjoyed at social gatherings, they can be a great icebreaker for new acquaintances and they even make the most hilarious team-building exercise… it’s all in the cards!

Our user-friendly online card builder allows you to select your deck template, giving you the opportunity to change the images and fields to suit; you will be invited to personalise every aspect of the deck design. So, where do we start…?

To make your own Top Trumps, you must first choose your favourite theme! When you have selected the number of decks you require, hit the “Personalise your Deck!” button. As you are whisked through to our card builder facility, you can begin to create your own category names, setting maximum and minimum score values as you go - our suggestions are purely for guidance!

Once you’ve settled on your category titles, click on the “Add Friends” tab and start providing descriptions of each character, along with nicknames and scores for each category. Add a photo depicting the occasion/event and the perfect keepsake can become a whole lot of fun! Great for industry events, weddings and sports club events you can design the deck to suit any occasion.

Our cards come in decks of 30 – if your group is smaller, why not throw in your favourite fictional characters, alter egos, your team mascot or even the dog? The more cards you order, the greater the discount we’ll give you.

So, what are you waiting for? As the perfect way to reminisce, make your own Top Trumps and arouse a mix of emotions… remember the good times with My Top Trumps!