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Maiden Ducati TriOptions Cup win for David Shoubridge

Proud My Top Trumps partner David Shoubridge claims his maiden Ducati TriOptions Cup win in race 2 at Cadwell Park.

Pole position - Race 2

Following a blistering pace in Race 1 - David Shoubridge of team Old Garage Legends lined up in pole for race 2 Cadwell Park. "Ready and ROARING for Round 5 of the Ducati Tri Options Cup here at Cadwell Park... My absolute favorite circuit" claimed David AKA 'Shouey' and boy did he mean it.

Shouey got off to a great start to the race, taking the lead into turn 1. "If I’m totally honest, I got a bit too excited leading for the first time and felt out of shape everywhere." yet after a solid opening performance, he quickly took advantage and began to settle comfortably into the race.

At this point, the team would have settled with another podium appearance after his recent triumph at Brands Hatch - but, not long after setting the fastest lap of the race, opponent Josh Day crashed out of the lead in the second-to-last corner, gifting him a second place position with a comfortable 7 second gap from third.

A maiden win

Following his fast pace in yesterday’s race, Shouey lined up in pole for Race 2 at Cadwell Park and got off the line well as the lights went out. With Josh Day ( Racing Team) immediately passing on the inside of Sean Neary (SMC Racing) for 2nd, before getting the better of Shoubridge for the lead later in the opening lap around the Lincolnshire circuit.On Lap 2 Neary passed Shoubridge for 2nd, proceeding to make the same move on Day for the race lead on the next lap. Neary went on to set fastest lap times but ultimately pushed too hard and crashed out of the lead on Lap 6 at Charlies. On Lap 10 Shoubridge made a pass on Day to take the lead, and by the 12th and final lap he had built a 2 second lead. Shoubridge went on to take the chequered flag and his first ever Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup race win.

Team award

The icing on the cake was receiving the additional team award for Old Garage Legends, proudly received by Shouey's dad Phil. The award is decided by most points scored over the weekend on aggregate, with an impressive 45 from a possible 50 – a very special moment for the team.

Old Garage Legends #86 – 1st

“I’ve had my best and worst experiences at Cadwell Park. I came here a couple of weeks ago with Bemsee and got a bit of practice in and that obviously has given me the edge. I feel really strong here, and it was nice to be able to carry that into this weekend. It’s a long time coming getting on the steps, never mind getting the win. I’m absolutely made up.

They say you get out of anything what you put in and I didn’t feel like I put in enough effort in for the last round at Snett and it kind of bit us. We had a few problems and ultimately it came down t bad preparation. We put out all the stops and put a lot of effort in and worked hard to get on the steps. And it’s worked. So, carry it on to Assen. To get to the front and rub elbows with the fast boys at the front, I think I’ll be able to keep it there and take it to them at Assen, that’s my plan.”

Here’s to TT Circuit Assen, Netherlands on September 20th!

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