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Petrol Head

Drivers & Riders Ready! The Petrol Head deck is that fine-tuned, beautifully honed, must have for that race crazed person in life. Whether you’re a speed freak on two wheels or four; race for fun or for life, the Petrol Head deck is the fuel for the racing rivalries that drive you. Create your very own personalised deck of Top Trumps with your amateur racing team, race track rivals, work colleagues, friends and family – or create a deck with your own personal history of motorsport.

That’s right, with the 2019 season in full swing, now is the perfect time to reward your friend or family member that loves all things powered by fuel. Of course, they don’t have to be speed freaks? Why not create a deck with all of your old cars or motorbikes that you enjoyed over your lifetime. Come on, dig out the photo album and get rolling! (Pun intended)

We aimed to subtly cover all things motorsport in this design, so it can be broadly enjoyed across a range of different sports and competitions. Perhaps you’re an amateur, part of a grass roots weekend racing team? What better personalised addition could you ask for to show off by the track? Include your team mates, friends, family and even supporters of your group!

Let’s not wave the chequered flag just yet, though! Let’s give some love to the go-kart lovers out there, they’re not just reserved for stag do’s or birthday parties – it’s a rising and well-loved UK sport and again, think of the fun you could have with a set that is bespoke to just your team, your track and your league!

Ladies and gentleman… start your engines.

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