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Stepping It Up A Notch

Ah, Top Trumps… that playground classic! Who didn’t have a set boasting your favourite football players, sports cars or comic book characters? Well, imagine a world in which you could create your very own, official deck of personalised Top Trumps. Well – it was during a pub conversation between friends in 2015 when that very concept was first envisioned, and which soon saw Personalised Products LTD being formed to make the vision become reality; behold the almighty My Top Trumps.

Working with Winning Moves, Top Trump’s brand guardians.

Despite no prior data, feedback or experience on what a website offering personalisable playing cards should do, the My Top Trumps website was created. We then stepped back into the scene spring of ‘17 with a fine tooth comb, analysing data from various sources to identify how customers were using the site, where their customer journey could be improved, where they were exiting the site and most importantly, gathering feedback on what users liked or didn’t like.

The results were unanimous – there was huge demand for a mobile optimised experience, something that had never been taken into account in building the My Top Trumps first online experience. Customers found the journey and processes required to set up their own desks time consuming and incredibly frustrating. We listened, and our digital experts acted with a ‘Mobile First’ build for a sparkly new site, from scratch.

We mirrored the features optimised from a mobile device across with a tablet and desktop experience, ensuring the first point of call, choosing your design, was as straightforward and engaging as possible. We added a quick flick feature across each deck, allowing you to effortlessly swipe through our collection of designs, and flip from the front to back of each card with the click of a button.

Time is precious, we get that; so with that in mind we developed a feature to allow customers to begin creating their deck only to then save and continue later. 30 cards with photos, text and stats can be a lot of information to gather and organise – so it’s no surprise that the ‘Saved Projects’ page is the second most visited after the Homepage.

Coming back for more? We don’t blame you. Cracking open a personalised deck of Top Trumps around the dinner table or when out with friends, is a dead-set crowd pleaser… So what if you want to come back and finish another deck under another theme, making changes to only a few of the cards, descriptions or stats? The ‘Bank Your Buddies’ feature has been designed to enable just that. Put them on ice!

These are just some of the many features we have added to the project. We’ve yet to mention the new status bar, to check your progress in the deck and see what still needs to be done or what might have been missed. The preview and order process before checking out allows you to effortlessly admire and have a final check of your deck before placing your order. We even include a ‘show missing fields’ pop up feature to ensure no sections of your order have been missed and avoid an incomplete order being delivered to you.

Watch out, 2019 – we’re coming for you.

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Time is precious, we get that.

Bank your buddies
for next time.

Keep them on lockdown! Need to order a second pack with a different theme? You can save all your data in our vault and apply to a new pack or theme in seconds with just one click.

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