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Make it an end of term to remember

Some of the best childhood memories are made on the last day of the school term, when pens are downed, uniforms are scrapped and fun is the lesson of the day. Why not introduce a new tradition for the end of term at your school with a personalised deck of My Top Trumps? Not only will it have the playground filled with laughter - the boffins at the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) did some independent research that found playing the original Top Trumps card games improves memory, social skills, relativity and the ability to filter data sets, so the kids won’t even realise they’re learning as they play!

Pupils will love playing the game with their friends on the last day of school, the staff will love watching the fun unfold (and having a bit of a break from teaching!), and the parents will treasure the cards as a lasting memento of their child’s school year. How special can a card game get?

Whether you’re a teacher buying packs for your class or you’re a parent giving a truly unique and memorable gift to your child’s favourite teacher, My Top Trumps is the ultimate card game that will have everyone talking long after the holidays have finished.

Or how about taking it up a level and creating a pack ‘for teachers eyes only’ to get the banter going around the staff room on the last day of term? The possibilities are endless! Class dismissed.

Create a new family tradition – with a touch of friendly rivalry

The turkey and trimmings have been cleared from the plates, and stuffed tummies are bursting the seams of Christmas jumpers around the table. Mum has popped out to the kitchen to get the Christmas pud, and nana has sneaked another glass of brandy, while talk around the dining table turns to reminiscing about family fun in years gone by. It isn’t long before the playful banter starts and the fun really begins. Does this sound familiar?

Well now you can take this friendly rivalry to a new level and start a family tradition that will be anticipated with glee by generations to come. My Top Trumps Christmas pack gives you the perfect opportunity to pitch mum against son, dad against grandad, and have the kids rolling around with laughter in the best card game since, well, Top Trumps!

Rather than taking away a cheap plastic cracker toy, each family member can keep a treasured memory of the most fun Christmas day with a personalised deck of My Top Trumps. Whether they’re 8 or 80, everyone will enjoy watching the competition grow and the memories be made this Christmas. They’d even make a really unique stocking filler for a card game mad family member.

Fancy making your own personalised My Top Trumps? Start designing your very own deck now – be sure to place your order soon to deliver a really thoughtful and fabulously fun surprise. 

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