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How to Make Top Trumps

How to make Top Trumps

Top Trumps is a familiar card game that most of us will have played at school or at home at some point in our lives – it’s been around since 1968 and is available in countless themes. Now you can create your very own personalised, official Top Trumps card packs. You can upload your own images and make them relevant and unique to your own life and interests. They’re easy to build and as they are an officially licensed Top Trumps product they are of the same high quality as the traditional game packs you can buy on the high street.

1. Create an account to save your project

Before you get to work on your design, it is a good idea to create an account - so that your work will be saved for later! Once your account is up and running your images, categories and designs will all be stored safely, ready for you to access when you next log in. If you try to leave the page without saving your changes, you will be asked if you're sure you want to do so – so there's no danger of losing your work!

2. How to get started – choose your template

Go to and click on your preferred template. Choose from Personalised Top Trumps for your:

- Wedding (either a handmade, wedding cake or wedding ring theme)

- Sports team

- Party

- Football game

- Hen party

- Stag do

- Drinking game

A pack contains 30 cards for you to personalise and you can decide how many packs you want (we offer discounts on purchases of multiple packs).

3. Adding categories

Now create five categories: you can name four of these whatever you like and the fifth should come from a predefined list. Select a ‘minimum’ and ‘maximum’ score for each category and the units you would like for each.

4. Adding friends

Name the characters who will feature on your personalised, official Top Trumps cards - you’ll need 30 names (one for each card). If you can’t think of 30 names off the top of your head, then think of ‘alter-egos’ or nicknames for some of your friends. Names can be added individually or you can import them from a spreadsheet; whichever you find easiest. You can also add the categories, stats and scores for each friend (manually or from your spreadsheet). Click ‘update deck’ once you're happy with your categories and names and you can see, at a glance, how your cards will look.

5. Guidance available if needed

If you get stuck at any point, click on the ‘Guide’ tab for instant access to a short video that will explain the procedure. It’s also worth noting that you can clear your selection or easily undo mistakes by clicking the ‘reset’, ‘undo’ or 'redo' buttons.

6. Editing the back of your cards

Simply click on the highlighted boxes on the back of your cards (if this option is available for your chosen design) and insert the title or description of your pack. This will be the design you will find on the back of each card, as well as on the cover of the deck.

7. Adding personalised text and images to the cards

Upload an image and drag it on to a card face from your gallery on the left. You can populate the galley from files on your computer and import from Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox. You can also tweak or change the text on each card manually here too.

8. Preview and checkout

Carefully preview your work: click through each of the 30 cards you have created. Once you're happy with your design, images and content, go to our payment page. We aim to have packs prepared and ready to send by Royal Mail within one week of your placed order.

Be the master of your own game with personalised My Top Trumps!

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